I’m a San Francisco based dance photographer. LightIsDance is my ongoing exploration on dance photography.

I’m also a trained dancer, choreographer, and instructor. My training in dance goes from Ballet to Salsa, Ethnic to Contemporary, Jazz to Taiji. They influenced strongly on how I approach dance photography. I’m currently teaching Taiji at KUNST-STOFF arts.

I see dance photography as an art of expression time through a frozen moment. A slice in time but reveals the energy flow in the body, the spirit of the mind.

Currently, some of my photos are on display at Lines Ballet Dance Center, and KUNST-STOFF arts.

Just got a notice that I have won the 2012 The ARTery Project Decaux Kiosk Poster Series competition. The photo will soon be on display on large kiosks along Market St.

(Update, photos are up on those rounded kiosks along Market St. There is one on Civic Center between 7th and 8th)

Weidong Yang


Dancer: Daiane Lopes da Silva. Location: SF Bay